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Brewer Dental Center provides cosmetic dentistry services to our patients to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Get your teeth whitened to maintain a bright and captivating smile or just to improve their condition. Dental health is important and you deserve to have teeth that you can feel good about. We have two locations in Billings, MT where we offer same-day appointments and treatment for the convenience of our customers. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry you shouldn't wait so call our offices to schedule your appointment today and improve the quality of your smile.

Master of the Happy Smile

Smiles are truly made of gold because they attract people and give a good start to any relationship. It is why people spend so much time and effort to maintain that toothy grin, but sometimes more effort is needed. Teeth can get discolored due to smoking or drinking certain beverages, and there may even be gaps between teeth that don’t look too good. A cosmetic dentist can help keep a smile looking fantastic.

Cosmetic dentistry works on the teeth so that they look their best at all times. The procedures may require reshaping irregular teeth or repairing chips that may have dented the smile a bit. A cosmetic dentist will use bleaching techniques to whiten the teeth back to their original color, and perhaps prepare a broken tooth with a porcelain crown. Cosmetic dentistry is not something that is easy to master and may take a few years training to be expert at. If the dentist is really good, then the price paid for cosmetic dentistry is well worth it.
Because of the work involved. It prospective patients should arrange for consultation with a cosmetic dentist before any treatment is attempted. That way, what is exactly the right procedure will be used. There may be instances where the dentistry will take one or more visits, but the final result justifies the time. A great looking smile is the kind of calling card that a person would like to have in social activities. It can be a winning first impression that leads to a friendship or any other type of relationship that a person wants to have.

Become A Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is intended to make a person look wonderful, but it isn’t an easy procedure. Those who are cosmetic dentists are trained in certain areas of dentistry and have to continually improve their skills in a field that is changing on an almost routine basis.

Those who practice cosmetic dentistry, need to be aware of procedures such as bonding, teeth whitening, veneers, and working with crowns. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) offers coursework that can help a dentist become more skilled in the areas mentioned above. The training also introduces new techniques and methods that can make cosmetic dental work last longer with optimal results. AACD is deeply concerned about the training and continuing education of cosmetic dentists, and members of this organization need to take continuing education to maintain up-to-date knowledge and credentials. This increased knowledge includes an understanding of dental photography, laboratory communication, and material science, among other tools and skill set. The accreditation process for AACD requires a dentist must demonstrate knowledge of bridge and implant placements, and also good diagnostic skills.

The continued education and accreditation standards are important to keep cosmetic dentists highly conversant in developing procedures. This is an area of dentistry that is growing in popularity and there’s a temptation for insufficiently skilled people to advertise themselves as cosmetic dentist. Anyone looking for a cosmetic dentist should request evidence of AACD accreditation. That is proof the individual has taken coursework necessary to stay current in the area of cosmetic dentistry, and therefore can be trusted.

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